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I think you're likely to put the jpg file into a folder called picture. Sorry about this! I created a picturecontent folder inside the main zip file. Now i've a folder inside that folder called picture. Inside the picture folder I created a folder named photo. Now when I visit import the jpg file, I drag it from picture folder toward contenttextures folder. This works for me, too! I do believe everything do is what the guidelines state. Inside the picturecontent folder, create a folder named image.

That folder will include your jpg file, and that is what you drag to the contenttextures folder. Now let's say you put the information regarding the discussion boards, and somebody eventually ends up deploying it for an exploit. In that case, the game isn't custom content safe, since the content had been placed on the discussion boards. The primary reason this happens is basically because it's too easy for anyone to find out that a bug exists, after which learn how to use it for an exploit.

As a result, custom content is generally just wear the official forums whether or not it's been tested to make sure that there are no bugs inside it. The issue is, I don't learn how to place custom clothing into my mod, which I suspect is what i must do. I'm using the game's .exe because the installer, and I've made a folder called "mods" within my C drive. I put the .exe into that folder, and then I attempted to put the .ini file inside.

But when I go to the game's mod gallery, I can't discover that folder. I simply got a message from another person which has this exact same issue, therefore appears that maybe they've the folder within the wrong place. I can't try it myself until tomorrow, because I'm going to a wedding tonight. My friend has an iPhone, and I also have actually an Android. We tried it on both and got equivalent outcomes.

If you aren't familiar, custom content is Sims content you create yourself, in the place of utilizing a piece of pre-made content. This includes such things as clothing, hairstyles, furniture, and so forth. Personalized content can be used in several other ways in The Sims 4, and custom content creators make use of the official discussion boards getting feedback on the work from other players. This is a good means for both players and custom content creators to connect to one another.

Another thing you need to be careful of is that you should try to keep from customized content that is defined as perhaps not safe. This results in that someone discovered a method to exploit this content, therefore do not be surprised when your content gets defined as unsafe, regardless if it is not. It is not easy. So, we will have a look at that which you can install and how you may get it.

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